Thursday, 16 November 2017


                    The  Kool  Breeze   Experience 

                           Let the World  Hear  Music
                   Breeze  Projecting  A  Theme of Universal  Humanism
 5000 Pieces of Funk in the Vault 

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Koolbreeze Intro


Masterpiece Interview from a Masterclass Renaissance Man

King Eddie Bullen Interview

Kool Breeze  Interview  with Diva D                                      

Coming  to  on the Koolbreeze Experience Show

David  Rudder  performing at the Living Arts Centre  Miss.Ont  17th Nov 8:00 pm 

     The Story of the Bass Guitar /Leo Fender/Bass Giants  18th Nov.

Paul Storm Polisano Nov. 25th


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Acts  who came  to the Kool Breeze Experience Show

                                                     King  Eddie Bullen  7/10/2017

                                                  Diva  D  N  Breeze  14/10/2017

                                                  David  Bendeth   7/10/2017

                                            Errol  from Orlando Florida  14/5/2016

Eddie Bullen 20/11/2015                                             Louis Saldenah 23/9/17
Quincy Bullen                                                                                     David  Rudder



                                                           Bill McBirnie 


   Bass Man Ian/Skanka Roots Rock/Dub poet Gilbert  14/5/2016

Audley timothy guitarist  21/5/2016 @radioregent the koolbreeze experience

Muhtadi  @ Radioregent  28/5/2016  Koolbreeze show

Bruce Skerritt & breeze 11/6/2016 the koolbreeze experience
Brownman  Ali  & breeze 11/6/2016  radioregent
Four 80 East Group with Koolbreeze 18/6/2016 canadian jazz/funk @ it's finest

Mark Daniels /Joaquin Nunez Hildago/koolbreeze 25/6/2016 the koolbreeze experience
7 sould is the band

Telephone Interview with Marisa Lindsay 2/7/2016

Demo Cates @RadioRegent on the Koolbreeze Experience Show 16/7/2016

Eddie Bullen @RadioRegent on The Koolbreeze Experience Show 23/7/2016

Orin  Isaacs  @ Radioregent  on the Koolbreeze Experience
Bass Player  /movie  production

Tony Pierre -Kalabash  17/9/2016

Micheal  Dunston & Koolbreeze  24/9/2016

Quisha  Wint & Koolbreeze  Experience Show 1/10/2016

Coldjack: John Fraser & Aaron Spink  8/10/2016

Alexis Baro 22/10/2016  

Dj Ssassy sue from Minnesota /

Bill McBirnie  29/10/2016 @  on The Koolbreeze Experience Show


                               Ammoye @ Radioregent  on the Koolbreeze Experience 19/11/2016                    

The New Groovement  19/11/2016  telco

Carlton Dinnall   bass player from the group Memberz 

Crown Heights Affair  The Sound  of  Brooklyn  26/11/2016
                                                                Rich  Brown  Bass  Player  10/12/2016              

Koolbreeze/Kolette//Diva d  17/12/2016

Carl  Harvey  24th dec 2016 

Jerome Tucker 4th feb 2017

Dawne Francois International Travel Events 25/2/2017

keszon  & keszari   radio chickmagnets

Sharon Barnett  3/11/2017

Micheal  Shand  18/3/2017

Noel  d wexford wolverine lean mean filipino baby machine  25/3/2017

Gregory  Strachan  25/3/2017

Noel  Wexford Wolverine & Diva D 25/3/2017

Jaxx  from Level Exodus 1/4/2017

L A  Blacksmith  Crown Heights Affair 8/4/2017

Diva D /JBF/LA Blacksmith

                                                  Breeze/jbf/ Ssassy sue/La/ Diva D

Breeze/Aaron/Quincy 15/4/2017

Wolfe Milestone Country & Western  6/5/2017

Wolfe & Koolbreeze

Muhtadi  20/5/2017

Clifton  Joseph  20/5/2017

Quisha   Wint  27/5/2017

Karl  Dyer 8/7/2017  cdn athlete/fitness trainer

Bruce Skerritt  15/7/2017

Chris  Alexander Cao  of   Peeks  Toronto Caribbean Carnival 29/7/ 2017

Kool Breeze & Chris Alexander 

Larnell Lewis  5/8/2017

koolbreeze  Joy Lapps + Larnell  Lewis

Breeze & Joe Jackson  12/8/2017

Tanya  Asaki & Joe Jackson 

king  david rudder   19/8/2017

Rose Saunders Wilson 2/9/2017  firefighter

Nick  McLean from Snaggle ft. Brownman Ali  9/9/2017

Mike  Sedgewick  16/9/2017

Mike Sedgewick/Robin Hutchison/Jeff  Kahl

Louis  Saldenah  23/9/2017

King  Eddie Bullen 7/10/2017

Jeremy Ledbetter  21/10/2017  Jacksonville Fla

The Late great Frankie Crocker  WBLS NY

Rennie  Bishop Trinidad & Tobago Radio

                               Syndication/simulcast via Jacksonville fla.


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