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Kool Breeze Experience  Shows

Listen  to  the Untold /Story of Jamaica Queens New York


Listen to the sound of Brooklyn Presented by Darryl Gibbs 

Listen to California funk by Cheryl  Cooley of Klymaxx

Dayton Ohio the Land of  Funk presented  by David R.Webb

See  The Kool Breeze New  intro


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   Upcoming  Special  Shows

Carlos  Garnett   27th April    2:00 pm

Levi  Super L  Loblack   4th May  2:15 pm

Ladies of  Funk & Soul   18th May  Quisha Wint  & Diva D

Philadelphia  Funk + Soul  25th May Jerome & Victor Bains Marshall

Dayton Ohio the Land of funkJamaica Queens NYBrooklyn N.Y,  California, Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Chicago,Minneapolis,Southern Funk

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Acts  who came  to the Kool Breeze Experience Show

                                                       John T.  Davis   6th April 2019

                                                                     Turbulence & Dan Sylva  2/2/2019

                                               Jerome  Tucker  Busiest  Band in Ontario 26/1/2019

          Darryl  Gibbs  & Alvin Winky Flythe  interview 21/1/2019  in Queens New York

                                Julio  Herrerra  of the R&R  Soul  Orchestra    5th Jan   2019

       Leslie  Ming drummer  of B.T. Express,Madonna,George Benson  22nd 2018

                       Cheryl  Cooley  of   Klymaxx  Host California Funk  Show 15th Dec    


                                                King  Eddie Bullen  17th Nov 2018

                                                         Keith  Guevara & Big  D 

                                            Norman  Connors  27th  oct  2018

Alvin  Winky Flythe  & Norman Connors

                           Show  Organizers    #Torontoaudiofest

                                       Laura  Fernandes 91.1 jazz fm @ Toronto Audiofest show

                                            Johnny Boy Fraser from   Coldjack  6th oct 2018

Mack & Gibbs of Trezure  Roxx Records 

Crack of Dawn Rupert  Harvey & Mark Daniels  15th sept 2018

David  R. Webb CEO of  The funkcenter Museum  Dayton Ohio 8th sept 2018

Hugh  O'reilly  Ceo/President of  Oprtust Pension fund  1st sept 2018

Lady Funkalicious  Paula from Cjru.ca  Ryerson Scope Radio 25th Aug 2018

United Power  Soul  Jordin  28th july 2018

Tom  Robertson 30th June 2018

Val   Burke  Legendary  Studio Session Bassist  23rd  June 2018

Kolette  Easy  Breezy  Beautiful  Cover Girl

Kolette Easy & Breeze  16th June 2018

King  David  Rudder &  Koolbreeze  2nd June 2018

Amber  Durette  & Alex  Mathew 19th May 2018

Venom  Carnival Mass Camp Kevan & Rishi  12th May 2018

Dan   Sylva & koolbreeze  28th april  2018

Darryl  Gibbs from The Strikers/Crown Heights Affair/Made in the USA  /Treasure Roxx Records/Philly funk wave  # 1  supporter of Radioregent

Tony Mack  Trezure   Roxx  Records

Alvin   Winky  Flythe on Saxophone

William  Anderson  Crown  Heights  Affair

Skip   Boardley  Jr.   

Veronica   Daeh  gospel  singer   28th April 2018

Cheryl  Cooley of the female band  Klymaxx  14th april  2018

L.A. Blacksmith   Crown  Heights  Affair

Rais  Clarke- Mendes / Tien  Providence /Koolbreeze   9/4/2018

Gary Edward Allen  14th  April 2018

Bob Wegner   22nd  dec 2017

 King  Eddie Bullen  7/10/2017

                                                Diva  D  &  Breeze  14/10/2017

                                                   David  Bendeth   7/10/2017

                                              Errol  from Orlando Florida  14/5/2016


Eddie Bullen 20/11/2015                                             Louis Saldenah 23/9/17
Quincy Bullen                                                                                     David  Rudder



                                                           Bill McBirnie 


   Bass Man Ian/Skanka Roots Rock/Dub poet Gilbert  14/5/2016

         Audley timothy guitarist  21/5/2016 @radioregent the koolbreeze experience

Muhtadi  @ Radioregent  28/5/2016  Koolbreeze show

                            Bruce Skerritt & Breeze 11/6/2016 the Koolbreeze Experience

Brownman  Ali  & breeze 11/6/2016  radioregent

Four 80 East Group with Koolbreeze 18/6/2016 canadian jazz/funk @ it's finest

Four 80  East

Mark Daniels /Joaquin Nunez Hildago/koolbreeze 25/6/2016 the koolbreeze experience
7 sould is the band


Telephone Interview with Marisa Lindsay 2/7/2016

Demo Cates @RadioRegent on the Koolbreeze Experience Show 16/7/2016

Eddie Bullen @RadioRegent on The Koolbreeze Experience Show 23/7/2016

Orin  Isaacs  @ Radioregent  on the Koolbreeze Experience
Bass Player  /movie  production

Tony Pierre -Kalabash  17/9/2016

Micheal  Dunston & Koolbreeze  24/9/2016

Micheal  Dunston

Quisha  Wint & Koolbreeze  Experience Show 1/10/2016

Coldjack: John Fraser & Aaron Spink  8/10/2016

Alexis Baro 22/10/2016  

Dj Ssassy sue from Jacksonville Fla. /Ssassyradio.com

Bill McBirnie  29/10/2016 @ Radioregent.com  on The Koolbreeze Experience Show


                               Ammoye @ Radioregent  on the Koolbreeze Experience 19/11/2016                    

The New Groovement  19/11/2016  telco

Carlton Dinnall   bass player from the group Memberz 

Crown Heights Affair  The Sound  of  Brooklyn  26/11/2016

                                                   Rich  Brown  Bass  Player  10/12/2016              

Koolbreeze/Kolette//Diva d  17/12/2016

Carl  Harvey  24th dec 2016 

Jerome Tucker 4th feb 2017

Dawne Francois International Travel Events 25/2/2017

Keszon  & Keszari   Radio chickmagnets

Sharon Barnett  3/11/2017

Micheal  Shand  18/3/2017

Noel  D Wexford Wolverine lean mean Filipino baby machine  25/3/2017

Gregory  Strachan  25/3/2017

Noel  Wexford Wolverine & Diva D 25/3/2017

Jaxx  from Level Exodus 1/4/2017

L A  Blacksmith  Crown Heights Affair 8/4/2017

Diva D /JBF/LA Blacksmith

                                            Breeze/JBF/ssassy Sue/L.A.Blacksmith/Diva D

Breeze/Aaron/Quincy 15/4/2017

Wolfe Milestone Country & Western  6/5/2017

Wolfe & Koolbreeze

Muhtadi  20/5/2017

Clifton  Joseph  20/5/2017

Quisha   Wint  27/5/2017

Karl  Dyer 8/7/2017  cdn athlete/fitness trainer

Bruce Skerritt  15/7/2017

Chris  Alexander CAO  of   Peeks  Toronto Caribbean Carnival 29/7/ 2017

Kool Breeze & Chris Alexander 

Larnell  Lewis  5/8/2017

koolbreeze  Joy Lapps + Larnell  Lewis

Breeze & Joe Jackson  12/8/2017

Tanya  Asaki & Joe Jackson 

king  David Rudder   19/8/2017

Rose Saunders Wilson 2/9/2017  firefighter

Nick  McLean from Snaggle ft. Brownman Ali  9/9/2017

Mike  Sedgewick  16/9/2017

Mike Sedgewick/Robin Hutchison/Jeff  Kahl

Louis  Saldenah  23/9/2017

King  Eddie Bullen 7/10/2017

Jeremy Ledbetter  21/10/2017

Bass Man Ian/Skanka Roots Rock/Dub poet Gilbert  14/5/2016

www.Ssassyradio.com  Jacksonville Fla

The Late great Frankie Crocker  WBLS NY

Rennie  Bishop Trinidad & Tobago Radio

Syndication/simulcast via Ssassyradio.com Jacksonville fla.

Kool Breeze